Role of Vastu

Vastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balance them with the man and the material. Vastu Shastra is creating a congenial settings or a place to live or work, in most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called "Paanchbhootas" of the nature thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperityand happiness in an enlightened environment. The world comprises of five basic elements, also known as the Paanchbhootas. They are Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Out of the nine planets, our planet has life because of the presence of these five elements.

  The Directions

The importance of orientation of a building is not only for saving energy but also to have a better house design, which not only gives comfortable living but also gives good health, prosperity and wealth to the house owners/occupiers and these families. There lies a co-relation between the rotational scenario of the planets and the house design and their different directions with respect of NORTH. The building of any type and its construction meets the purpose if proper orientation has been given using suitable local building material. It increases not only its life span but also improves the condition of occupants. There are instances where buildings are not planned according to required local orientation were lost or deteriorated much faster then the buildings having built with proper studies of orientation. The proper orientation means the proper knowledge of all the eight directions. It is a common knowledge that the direction from where the Sun arises is known as East and where it sets as West and when one faces the East direction, towards one's left is North and towards one's right is South. The corner where two directions meet obviously is more significant since it combines the forces emanating from both the directions. SO in all there are eight directions , North, Northeast, East, Eastsouth, South, Southwest, West, Westnorth. Every direction has its own significance and has its own construction. The basic rules of Vastu Shastra are based on these eight directions.

  Vastu is essential

Vastu forms the basics of each construction; one must follow Vastu from the initial level i.e. from choosing a plot to shift in the house. Everything should be done according to Vastu principle since Vastu is not merely a word but it is a SCIENCE and a bridge between man and nature. Vastu is followed while choosing a plot, how to choose a plot: the shape, the nature of the soil. When and how to construct a house, how to do the interiors, how to choose colour and when to shift. Vastu is such a deep science that it is a pool of information and one can have any doubts cleared with proper reasoning.

  Vastu is unique

Vastu is a science that has originated from India. Feng shui is an art of harnessing energies. Though both have a same objective, the benefit of humanity but the principles are very different. I am a strict follower of Vastu as it is originated from India and its based on our culture, traditions, geographical conditions, climatical conditions and everything for India. And fengshui is originated in China and based on their culture and traditions.

  Interior vastu:

Interior Design is a profession concerned with anything that is found inside a space - walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light, furnishings and furniture. All of these elements are used by interior designers to develop a functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing space for a building's user.

Vaastu Shastra makes us live in harmony with nature taking advantage of the five basic elements of nature i.e earth, water, fire, air and space and receiving the blessing of the Gods of the directions. Many a times following the rules of Vaastu Shastra 100% in a structure / construction of Building such as hotels, corporate spaces, schools, hospitals, private residences, shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, and airport terminals may not be possible. Planning the Interiors with the Vaastu is the option to it. By making arrangements of furniture, accessories, lighting in all designing the internal of the building as per Vaastu Shastra can open the doors of the prosperity, health, wealth and overall happiness. As we know every room has their eight directions again, so one must be aware of the facts to design the rooms in such a manner that internally it should follow the rules of Vaastu Shastra.

We will here discuss how KITCHEN one of the main section of most of the buildings can be designed as per Vaastu: The best location for the kitchen is the South-East corner of any building as per Vaastu Shastra but many a times due to scarcity of land in the urban life to have a kitchen in South-East may not be possible like if the entrance of the house is from east or South, then the kitchen may be shifted to the North - West corner of the house. In this situation the internal layout of the kitchen with the help of interior designing can be changed so as to follow the Vaastu.

  • The cooking platform should be towards eastern sidewall of the kitchen, as good results can be achieved when one faces east while cooking.
  • The sink should be in the North-East corner of the kitchen.
  • The slope of the water flow should be from South-West towards North - East.
  • The cylinder should be placed in the South-East corner.
  • The Geyser should be installed either in the South - East corner or the South wall.
  • The electronic gadgets should be placed on the Southern platform.
  • The storage for all the food grains, utensils, the over head almirah should always be on the Southern and the western walls and not on the Northern and the Eastern walls.
  • The exhaust fan should be installed either in the North - West corner or the South wall.

So following the Vaastu Shastra in designing the interior of any rooms such as Bedroom, Living / Drawing room, Guest's room, Puja room, Children's Room, Bath room and not only the residence but also Offices, Hotels, Shops, Restaurants can be very beneficial and the occupants gets the blessings of almighty.

  Architech vastu:-

Architecture is mother of all arts"Architectural services typically address both feasibility and cost for the builder/owner, as well as function and aesthetics for the user. Architect can improve the performance of the building in areas such as:

  • Energy efficiency, passive solar engineering, lighting and acoustics
  • Construction management
  • HVAC and control systems; Indoor air quality
  • Advanced building materials; building envelope
  • Earthquake resistance, wind effects on buildings, computer-aided design

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